Monday, November 5, 2007

ZOHO Writer revisited

After looking through some of my colleagues' blogs, particularly Jules the Xmas blog (, I decided to give ZoHo writer another try.
I would like to be able to put some nifty little animations here,
and I'm jumping for joy because I did!
Now can I publish into my blog?

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genevieve said...

Hello Linda, Genevieve from Library Sputnik here.
Thanks for the link! I'm sorry Library Sputnik is a bit quiet and dreary right now - you might like to visit my main blog, Reeling and Writhing, sometime (there's a link on LS). It's a books/publishing/ occasional Web 2.0 kind of blog, and gets most of my attention I'm afraid.

Must try ZoHo myself - looks like you've been doing the 23 (or is it 43)Things Web 2.0 program? Love your photos at the gardens too!