Monday, January 2, 2012

Back from the wilderness?

Well it's January 2 nd, and I am sitting in my new kitchen thinking about the year ahead. I have had in my mind that I should revive my blog, and actually write about what I'm reading. So here goes.

Sometime in the last year I started using a Nook. It was a present from my son, and although I took quite a long time to start using it now I LOVE it.

The best part for me is having a lot of books with me all the time. I used it when I travelled to the US recently, and since I have been home I have been immersing myself in the Tom Thorne series by Mark Billingham. I was given the first three of these by a work colleague, and enjoyed and have just raced on from one to the other. I am just about to read the most recent. Tom Thorne is the usual grumpy loner, with a a conscience and a liking for C & W music. But likable, with a dark sense of humor. The plots are fast paced, and the other characters are written with depth. It's been quite a while since I read five or six books by the same author, and I am finding it perfect holiday reading.

And just in case you wondered about the grandchildren - now I have FOUR. Here is a photo of Bram drumming at the library. He is the fair haired one in the front row.

Happy 2012 to my readers - if I have any.