Thursday, October 25, 2007

What I'm Reading

I had planned that this blog would be about what I'm reading as much as it would be about library 2.0. As it happens I haven't been paying the reading part of it much attention.

I have listed some of my favourite sites for book information. Matilda is a wonderful blog about Australian literature, I don't always read all of the reviews in the weekend papers, but Perry keeps me up to date.
The Waterboro Library h20boro lib blog (in beautiful Waterboro, Maine) is a great places for bits and pieces of book related information - and written and maintained by a volunteer. Good work Molly!
Both of these sites also have great lists of links.

At the moment I am reading Perdio Station, it is a fantasy, and I'm not gobbling it up. I am interested enough to keep reading, but not to the point that I am anxious to get back to it. Bram will come over tonight and I can forsee a few readings of Where is the Green Sheep. I try to have a new book for him every time he comes over but we don't always get time to read. I have a Julie Vivas book I Went Walking in the book bag for him, we will see if he likes it.

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