Tuesday, October 30, 2007

#16 Wikis

I like the idea of a wiki for some things. I particularly like the idea of a wiki where patrons contribute reviews, but I notice that the Princeton Library wiki hasn't had new posts in a while. I notice that some of wikis have restricted who can add information, and my librarian's soul approves of that. A wiki that has infomation about a city, for example the Ann Arbor one, seems very useful also.

Like a lot of other people I question the value of an information source that can be changed and added to by anyone, but maybe this is a somewhat old-fashioned idea. To paraphrase George Orwell 'All infomration is correct, but some information is more correct than others' We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that one of the most important roles that libraries and librarians have in these days of deluges of information is to sort and verify, so our patrons not only have the information but have the correct information.

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