Wednesday, October 3, 2007

#7 Blog about Technology

Apart from having to come to grips with new technology in my professional life, there are two facts about my life in the last few years that have made me want to learn new technologies.

First I moved from Australia to the United States. I was often home sick and felt out of touch. Being able to read my favourite newspaper, browse in a book shop, read about Australian literature, and see what's on helped me to maintain a connection.

I have three adult sons, and when I am not able to see them often being able to look at their Flickr accounts, see them on Face book, and read their blogs has been wonderful.

In my professional life I am constantly amazed by the information I can find for library users in databases, and on the Internet. The revolution in technology has meant that I can almost always find some information to answer even the most off the wall question ("I need some information about commercial uses for seaweed"). I find this very satisfying. I have also found library and literary blogs very helpful in keeping up with reader's advisory. I have put links to some of my favourite sites, blogs and otherwise on the right. More to follow.

I have embraced technologies that I find useful (Tivo, blogs, photo sharing), but this program will help me to learn about other things.

And last but not least - another photo of my grandson!

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